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USDA HSI Education Grant

Bluewater: A Smart Circular Economy for Integrated Organic Hydroponic-Aquaponic Farming to Empower an Underrepresented Workforce

PI: Bahram Asiabanpour  Co-PI: Nicole Wagner, Mar Huertas

Purpose: The Bluewater project will focus on training students with marketable skills necessary to become professionally competitive in the job market. To do so, students will engage in multidisciplinary research concerning organic hydroponic-aquaponic farming with limited resources.

Zero waste automated hydroponic/aquaponic lab merges student retention with research

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Creating Faculty-Student Communities for Culturally Relevant Institutional Change

PI: Heather Galloway CoPIs: Alice R Olmstead, Eleanor W Close, Li Feng, Cynthia J Luxford

Purpose: The awarded funds will build capacity at Texas State University by increasing the use of culturally relevant instructional approaches across STEM departments, and to generate new knowledge of effective change strategies that can inform efforts at HSIs and other higher education institutions.

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NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: HSI Program